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AJT Wellity is an innovative advisory firm dedicated to working alongside our clients in a hands-on, collaborative manner. Founded by Anthony Jude Tan, who brings extensive professional experience and expertise in project management, we excel at elevating projects to new heights and achieving their objectives. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that each venture not only meets but exceeds expectations, driving sustainable growth and success.


Exploring Our Comprehensive Service Portfolio

At AJT Wellity, our service portfolio transcends conventional boundaries, embodying a spectrum of offerings that extend beyond the realms of traditional medical wellness. Over the past three years, we have adeptly transitioned into a strategic advisory role, known as “Stratix Business Hacking” Our services are thoughtfully curated, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to equipping our clients with invaluable insights and holistic approaches that guarantee long-term success.

Our Diverse Service Offerings Comprise:

Concept Management: We specialize in the art of manifesting innovative concepts, infusing them with life and purpose, and ensuring their seamless alignment with the ever-evolving market landscape. Our concept management services are meticulously designed to birth unique, purpose-driven ventures.

Business Development: Our expansive business development services span the entire spectrum, from conducting meticulous feasibility studies for your projects to adeptly securing essential investment funding. We specialize in restructuring your company, diligently preparing it for investment, and laying the foundations for future growth and prosperity.

Advisory Services: Our advisory services encompass a vast expanse of expertise, spanning the intricacies of the hospitality industry, the nuances of medical wellness, and the ever-evolving landscape of lifestyle enterprises. We serve as your compass, guiding you through the intricate web of these industries, ensuring that your venture remains harmoniously aligned with your objectives, consistently thriving and evolving.

Brand Management: We recognize the transformative power of a robust and compelling brand. Our brand management services are impeccably designed to foster and nurture brands that captivate audiences, entice customers, and resonate profoundly within the industry. Whether your focus is on the medical sector, wellness industry, or the domain of hospitality, we are poised to assist you in achieving an unparalleled market presence.

Our multi-faceted expertise meticulously covers every facet of your business enterprise, from the fine-tuning of your business model to the seamless alignment of your property with your overarching vision. We are well-versed in the nuances of brand management, working in unison with you to ensure that your enterprise continues to flourish, remaining not just successful but enduringly sustainable.

At AJT Wellity, we are your entrusted partners in the art of crafting thriving, enduring enterprises.


30+ Projects Across Asia – Your Vision, Our Expertise

AJT Wellity has embarked on an exciting journey of concept development, breathing life into over 30 projects across China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and beyond. Collaborating with renowned architectural firms in the region, we’ve created powerful, purpose-driven brands that have become synonymous with excellence.

Our experience speaks volumes about our commitment to shaping the future of preventive health and wellness. AJT Wellity is not just about one individual; it’s a collective effort driven by our dedicated team. Together with co-founder Rohmchat Boonyawate, who leads our back-end administration, we’ve fostered partnerships that have cemented our reputation as trusted name in medical wellness advisory.

Pioneering Multi-Billion-Dollar Projects with Global MNCs

One of our proudest milestones is not only securing a substantial investment of US$100 million for AJT Wellity projects but also bringing renowned multinational corporations into multi-billion-dollar projects. This significant achievement showcases our commitment to excellence and innovation, propelling us to new heights in the realm of medical wellness. It is a testament to our ability to transform innovative ideas into large-scale, impactful initiatives that benefit our clients, partners, and the global community.

Unlocking Your Potential with Strategic Consulting

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Tailored health and wellness approaches in Concept Development, Architecture, Technical Services Advisory & Implementation, Management, and Educational Training.


Working with AJT has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Anthony and his team have helped put together an incredible program for our Wellness Hotel project, Satori that I work for. Furthermore, AJT team has the ability to understand and interoperate our requirements and promptly produce the required drawings for a very realistic fee. We are fortunate to have functional wellness components in our project which currently at the design planning stage. Very well organized and a pleasure to work with.

I would like to specifically thank you for your valuable time in serving on Theme 4: Infrastructure and Technology: developing livable communities that promote optimal mobility and housing panel, which pointed the directions and requirements of livable communities such as integrated preventative wellness, lifestyle medicine, bringing nature into design, quality air, music therapy, good drinking water, circadian lighting, and more. Your panel had 86% of participants selecting ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ on the evaluation form.

His success in this sector and strong advocacy towards wellness is so evident that it shows when he speaks in various engagements – integrating fun as he shares his knowledge and time wholeheartedly, selflessly. Anthony’s humble and personable ways also make it so easy working with him. Many thanks, I give to Anthony Tan, ‘Asia’s Wellness Godfather,’ for his contribution and support to both the hospitality Asia brand and to me!

The concept of converging Hospitality and Healthcare in community dwelling was an eye opener to where delivery focus shall shift in future. Ensuring well being to ultimately help mindfulness and a life free of stress should help us discover a work-life balance that makes life happy and yearning for more.

Anthony’s presentation on the wellness and healthcare at the IFAH conference in Dubai was informative, interactive and engaging. A realization that wellness needs to be a part of healthcare, ‘an integrative approach with many tools needs to be the future of healthcare’.


Khun Sasikarn Feinggumloon, CEO, Bangna Market Place Co., Ltd.

Khun Pornpetcharee Nirachatsuwan, Founder, Be Med Care and Lab Co., Ltd.

Khun Pavinee Pattarathammas, CEO / Founder, IngMing Co., Ltd.

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